The Ultimate Grace of God by Obelyskkh

Release date: January 27, 2023
Label: Exile on Mainstream Records

Now I had no idea on what to expect before I put my earphones on. But this here was like an atom bomb, waiting to explode at any second. While the album cover has this AI generated vibe, which will become a divided line in the sand, but their music however, is quite something. It is disturbing, nightmarish, and terrifying at the same time, it’ll haunt you in the years to come.

For Germany’s own Obelyskkh, a three-piece who have been around since 2008, have delivered a very interesting release to start off 2023 with their fifth studio album, The Ultimate Grace of God. Listening to Obelyskkh’s music is like walking through a dangerous corridor filled with decay, heavy images, and pushing you over the edge of the cliff.

The Ultimate Grace of God can give you the biggest shocks of all. From the 14-minute approach between Napalm Death’s Lee Dorrian, Dooming Kosmische approach of Agitation Free’s 2nd album with Electric Wizard handling the production levels on the clock-ticking doomsday of ‘Afterlife’, to a blistering grungy sludge by obeying the ‘Black Mother’ that has Nirvana’s Bleach period written all over, with a dooming ‘60s organ in the midsection.


Speaking of the organ, it comes back for a brief moment on the monstrous ‘Dog Headed God’ before entering this eerie rumbling sound of a Tool-sque approach with their mighty tanks coming across the hills, ready to attack. The opener ‘Aquaveil’ paints the destruction of Gotham City at its deadliest.

With its chanting-like arrangements, fuzzed-up bass’, and howling like madmen across Blüdhaven, you feel that the dynamite has already exploded while the Court of Owls have taken over the city with an iron fist. I have to admit, this was my first time delving into their music.

There are moments that are lacking on The Ultimate Grace of God. However, Obelyskkh are staying true to their own form and know how to give in the big delivery that is quite staggering. Maybe on their next album, they’ll try to make a home run in the roaring ‘20s.

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