Sound of Kissing by Quiz Show

Release date: February 14, 2023
Label: Magic Door Record Label

What can you expect from a band (trio) that consists of members of Shudder To Think, Guided By Voices, and The Dambuilders?

No, this band that goes under the name of Quiz Show does not go say, ambient or folk on its first album, Sound of Kissing, but takes on exactly what fans of any or (in most cases) all three of their previous bands did – high energy (pop) rock, with melody and guitars up front, from track one to rack twelve.

And yes, Shudder To Think‘s Chris Matthews and Jesse Krakow, together with drummer Kevin March (Guided By Voices, The Dambuilders) are so well-versed in this kind of sound, they probably have it all in their small fingers, so they don’t miss a beat (literally) or falter in their guitar sound or vocals. To note, after recording the album March was replaced by Joe Billy. Adding to the authenticity of their sound is producer Ray Ketchem (Guided By Voices, Luna, Versus, Elk City, Gramercy Arms).


As Matthews explains, Quiz Show has been “making music since 2017 and put out most of the songs on this release as singles between 2017 and 2020. We are releasing them now after remixing and remastering all of the songs to freshen them up and so they can document the origin story of Quiz Show in a single package.”

It turns out to be an excellent high-energy package, with which the listener will not really need any high-energy drinks, Sound of Kissing will suffice.

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