- What A Day EP by The Mystery Plan

Release date: February 14, 2023
Label: 10mm Omega Recordings

The term electro-pop is mostly tied to artists and bands originating from The British Isles, but the popularity of the sound (and the use of the term) is so spread out now, that electro-pop now can come from practically anywhere, that that includes electro-pop that is both true to to the concepts of the original sound and brings something new and fresh ant the same time.

So it is no surprise that The Mystery Plan come from North Carolina and that the three tracks that comprise their latest EP, What A Day, are full of sounds that are both true to the original electro-pop concept but also bring in some innovative, more current elements along the way.


This might be no surprise when you have in mind that The Mystery Plan, have been around for a while, releasing seven albums, with this EP being their 13th major release.

Here, it seems that the original duo that grew into a quintet fixed their sound into a cross between St, Etienne (the disco version of the title track) and LCD Soundsystem at their toned down (‘Absolute’) with touches of future jazz as evidenced on the elongated ‘What A Day (Steve Howerton/ Coflo remix)’.

Actually, the EP is a sort of a preview of their upcoming album, a release to look forward to, yet containing electro-pop that is both inventive and catch at the same time.

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