Dive by Tycho - Dive

Release date: January 13, 2023
Label: Ghostly International

San Francisco artist Scott Hansen, aka Tycho, has been quite active in the last few months. He was preparing his contribution to the ‘Back To Mine’ mix series and was launching the first-ever web3-based music fan community, Tycho Open Source.

Yet, more importantly, he was reissuing his 2011 album Dive. Now, many who are not familiar with Hansen or his moniker might wonder why the reissue.

Well, the fan community should be the first indicator, since ‘Wave’ seems to have caused quite a stir among the fans of contemplative instrumental electronica, which verges on ambient since artists like Caribou started coming up with quality albums within this sub-genre.


It is that kind of sound that creates an atmosphere, backed by light beats and rhythms, and includes subtle backing of acoustic instruments, something that many listeners prefer as their late-night listening.

The relative success Tycho had with Dive probably has a bit to do with the fact that it took him six years of experimentation and evolving ideas before the album took its final shape. Yet, its key might lie in the nostalgic, wide-screen feeling it creates through its eight fully-shaped tracks.

As Tycho himself points out, “Nostalgia is a common thread in my work, but this album wasn’t driven by that idea. I see these songs as artefacts from a future which might have more in common with our past than our present.”

And it is this general, time-crossing element that makes Dive work.

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