Photo: Isabella Grossling

Making waves and grabbing the attention of Rolling Stone, Sound of Boston, and more, indie-rock outfit Mom Rock announce ‘Bullseye’ and an accompanying Valentines-esque video as a follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2022 EP Bases Loaded, and produced by Sean O’Keefe (Beach Bunny, Fall Out Boy, Plain White T’s). With nothing but organic grassroots efforts, Mom Rock have surpassed 5,000,000 streams on Spotify alone and have reached a global audience of over 600,000 listeners. They’ve released four EPs to date and recently been featured as Rolling Stone’s Hot Band in their 2022 Hot Issue.

The Boston-born, Austin-based trio combines the forces of Curtis Heimburger, Wilson Reardon, and Tara Maggiulli. They got their start taking Boston’s college party scene by storm, and have since stolen the hearts of show-goers with electric live sets, infectious original tunes, and signature themed get-ups.Mom Rock’s discography is a whip-smart and poignant Bildungsroman, written in real time as the band kicked their way through a pandemic, an unprecedented global recession, the creeping influence of the metaverse, and – perhaps most daunting of all – college. Altogether, their catalog is a crash course in young adulthood and all that comes with it – friendship, heartbreak, self-love, self-loathing, and the very human need to belong.

Of our video premiere, ‘Bullseye’ the band states:

“The line ‘everyone has a heart that’s shaped like a bullseye’ gave us the idea dressing Curtis as a low-budget, tighty whities-style Cupid, and the rest of the Valentine’s Day imagery fell right into place.”

“The song is about everyone having a soft underbelly – insecurities, anxieties, shortcomings. Being an artist and putting art into the world is one of the most vulnerable undertakings there is, and we wanted to examine that vulnerability in a fun, campy way.”

“This is exactly why we had so much fun making this video – we checked our egos at the door, got dressed up in poodle skirts and togas, wore our hearts on our sleeves, and practiced a whole lot of self-love.”

‘Bullseye’ is out now and be purchased and downloaded from Mom Rock’s Bandcamp page.


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