Weather Tomorrow by babybaby_explores

Release date: February 3, 2023
Label: Ramp Local

If you think that babybaby_explores is a bit left-field name for a band name, wait until you take a listen to Weather Tomorrow, the Providence, Rhode Island trio’s second album.

The musical combination the trio presents here is as left-field as the band’s name, a combination of beats and samples with surf-style guitars and vocals that run into Devo territory.

And while such a combination can easily turn into shambles, longtime friends who comprise the band, Lids B-day, effected vox and sampler, sam m-h, electric guitar, and Gabe C-D drum machines, navigate past all the possible pitfalls here to create some music that actually is something you can listen with ease.


And throughout the album (actually, the band’s first album that got an official release), the trio has their tongue firmly in cheek from the title of the album which is one of the most searched phrases, and a bunch of internal (and external) jokes, that fit quite nicely in the music babybaby_explore creates.

At some point, babybaby_explores might reach a dilemma facing all the artists using humour in their music, like Ween or They Might Be Giants, but at the moment, they are doing quite well, thank you.

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