Hiding (Reworks) by Garreth Broke

Release date: March 3, 2023
Label: Piano and Coffee

Solo piano or piano as the main instrument albums abound these days. It is not so easy to navigate among them, particularly when you want to pass on the easy listening type of stuff that is even too easy to be tagged as new age.

Still, there are enough high-quality piano-dominated albums out there to deserve attention, particularly if they contain music that tries to diversify music, combine genres, but with ‘rhyme and reason.’

Garreth Broke is a pianist and composer whose album Hiding got attention among other artists so to get a reworked edition by others, under a simple title, Hiding (Reworks).

To give the accent to the rework tag, the original title composition is first re-done with another (original) version, and then ‘re-worked’ for everything, from a clarinet to ondes Martenot, and including even a vocal version in Anna Salzmann Rework, actually presenting completely different views on the Broke composition.

Not to try to overpower the listener, there are only six versions here presented in an EP form, yet with enough variation and personal ingenuity to make the listener ask for more, or search for the original work from this German/British pianist/composer.

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