In the season of birth and rebirth, Stuttgart ambient/electronic artist Perrache (Joachim Henn) gives life to a unique project with ‘Song with C in D’, a composition inspired by the heartbeat of his (at the time) unborn daughter. The extraordinary video combines ultrasound imagery with a micro-documentary charting the creation of the limited edition 7-inch sleeves – each one containing a hand-painted acetate sheet with a noctilucent / after-glow paint image.

As Joachim explains, this release, limited to just 42 lathe-cut copies, is primarily a gift for his daughter: “I recorded her heartbeat while my wife was still pregnant with her at the doctor’s and layered the keyboard-tracks over the pulse once I had looped it. What you see on the sleeve/sheets, in turn, is a processed ultrasonic image of her. . .”

A delightful “making-of” video like no other.

‘Song with C in D’ was released in March 2023 and can be download here


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