Resonate by Antman Ant

Release date: April 7, 2023
Label: Self-Released

If you think that all you need for some effective EDM, or deep house is a good set of beats and electronic tricks that will work on the dance floor, you just might be forgetting that such music is more often than not played at home for personal enjoyment (with or without dancing) or in various fitness situations.

In those cases, just a good beat and trick will not carry the music along or have an effect on the listeners as they might do on the dance floor. Yet, those beats and electronic arrangements still have to be present to make the music have the desired effect.

Essentially, to make your EDM/deep house work in every situation, you need meticulous and complex sound building, and that is particularly true if you want to go beyond a single mix and fashion a full-length album.

Ant Goold, an artist from Sussex who works under the moniker of Antman Ant was obviously quite conscious of that process and well-seasoned to do it when he wanted to have  a full-fledged deep house experience on his latest album Resonate.


Goold was thinking more about a full album experience that will swerve from ambient to deep house and back here, rather than about solely fashioning single dance tracks that he would compile as an album.

He starts out with a beatless, almost fully acoustic intro builds up the rhythms and beats, cools it down when needed, and introduces vocals when need to spice both the melody line and the arrangements.

And the music here works both as a seamless concept and as single, individual tracks, something that is not so easy to achieve.

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