The Light by Eydis Evensen

Release date: May 26, 2023
Label: XXIM Records

It is easy to say that solo piano or piano-led instrumental albums are ‘dime-a-dozen’ these days, yet those that really come with some musical substance do stand out, particularly if the artist/composer behind them has a bit more to say than coming up with a nice set of piano notes.

So, based on that premise, it was no wonder that Icelandic pianist and composer, Eydís Evensen‘s debut album Bylur from 2021 amassed over 40 million audio streams to date (with her follow-up EP Frost from 2022 following the trend).

Now, Evensen is back with The Light, her second album offering that simply goes beyond being a piano-based album.


And while the album opens with a (beautiful) solo piano ‘Anna’s Theme’, Evensen throughout the album presents her compositional talent to the full, with all vocal ‘The Light II’ or piano and strings combination of ’17.03.22’, continuing to vary both the compositional and instrumental palette throughout the album.

As Evenesen presents it in words, the album is “both a deep reflection on the rough and rugged landscapes of Iceland and how they have shaped her personality, as it is a personal expression of a sense of hope and brighter times following hardship.”

Listening to The Light you simply stop wondering why Evensen’s previous album gathered so many audio streams. This one will probably get more.

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