Everyday Is The Song by Joni Void

Release date: May 26, 2023
Label: Constellation Records

Creating sample-based, found sound, ambient music (with or without beats and rhythms) is nothing new or unusual, but making it sound like something with (rhyme and) reason goes beyond compiling sounds that the artist likes and thinks they sound together.

Creating something that is seamless and, well, something that sounds good, is a detailed process that takes a lot of misses to reach a desirable goal.

That is something that Joni Void (Montréal-based French-British producer Jean Néant) had in mind when he constructed his latest album Everyday is the Song.


Actually, Void also had another element in mind, and that is making twelve seemingly disjointed tracks (or compositions, if you will) here sound as a seamless set of sounds, that he, as explained relies centrally on a cassette Walkman bought at local Montréal record shop Death Of Vinyl in spring 2020 and lost at a Backxwash show two years later, but not before hours of audio snippets were captured and archived.

What Void created here definitely sounds like a seamless set of found sounds that weaves from found-sound electro to musique concrète and ambient that at some points includes both rhythm and beat and yet still sounds like a well-thought-out musical concept.

Essentially, Everyday is the Song proves its title and is an enviable musical achievement.

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