The Fire Within by Mark Wise

Release date: March 31, 2023
Label: Let's Techno Records

How do you fashion a heavy metal-techno combination that works? Well, you can just not paste some heavy metal workouts to some techno beats and hope all goes well. You need to know and be aware of how both genres work, where are those lines when they might coincide, and then carefully assemble your combination.

That is exactly the line of thinking techno producer from New Jersey Mark Wise seems to have had in mind when he worked on his latest EP/mini album The Fire Within.


Two things Wise focused on here were definitely pace and energy, something both techno and heavy metal have in abundance, but then, he didn’t forsake either the techno beats or the melody lines heavy metal music does include.

The trick was to make the elements that are not supposed to match work together, and that is where Wise excels here, particularly on the title track itself. With the remixes essentially explain his thinking process and the radio edit is geared at presenting his genre combination in the best possible light.

It is a glimpse into the exciting prospects the techno/heavy metal combination can offer.

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