hipernatural by Melati ESP

Release date: April 28, 2023
Label: Carpark Records

Should electro-pop bear that exact same name now, or should other tags be added on?

After all, that genre, or sub-genre, if you will, has taken on so many shapes and forms that it is currently bursting at the seams with new ideas being brought into it.

Helping pout in stretching all the possible borders and formulas is Indonesia/New York artist Melati ESP, aka Melati Malay with her debut album hipernatural.


With her obvious background in musical forms initially created in Asia, Malay has that intricate ability to infuse modern electro grooves with such musical forms – from the Gamelan of her native Indonesia to Japanese chill-out, K-Pop, or whatever.

In her hands though, the combination actually has quite a delicate balance between the electro and other musical elements, neither overpowering the other, but creating quite an intriguing combination, that flows from chill to light dance floor beats.

Malay and her long-time collaborator Kaazi who co-produced the album actually create chill-style grooves here that go beyond the usually established formulas for such music, pushing the boundaries of electro-pop into new directions.

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