Figures On Demand by The Ladderman

Release date: April 21, 2023
Label: Self-Released

Good music in any shape or form (or genre, if you will) can come from any place on this planet, and in this case, some very good heavy rock/grunge/prog-metal with touches of shoegaze actually comes with the courtesy of Larnaca, Cyprus quartet The Ladderman and their latest album Figures on Demand.

Andreas Matheou (vocals and guitar), Rolandis Laziidis (guitar and backing vocals), Stelios Mosfiliotis (bass), Stefanos Eliopoulos (drums) exude some serious musicianship and confidence here, which should be no surprise, as they have been playing since 2011.

They took their time to record their first album (2016), their second came in 2019, and Figures on Demand is their third effort.

It is quite obvious The Ladderman like all things heavy, and complex but without sacrificing any melodic element in their music. And that longtime experience definitely shows as they are able to go through any complex passages with ease and no sacrifices.

It is also evident that they do not limit themselves strictly to any specific genre of heavy, combining the seventies prime heavy rock with grunge, prog metal, and even touches of shoegaze here and there.

Fusing such diverse elements is definitely not an easy task, and Matheau and his cohorts do that admirably, coming up with an excellent heavy album.

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