Paint The Birds by Faunas

Release date: June 20, 2023
Label: Self-Released

It somehow feels that these days there is a glut of soft, subtle folk-tinged music flowing around. The problem with quite a few of such albums and EPs is not so fully-developed songs, some scrappy playing and to be a bit more blunt, a lot of monotony.

Still, on the other hand, there is quite a number of those artists that come up with some quite inventive material, with equally subtle, even sublime music that needs more recognition than it actually gets.

The latter brings us to Faunas from Washington D.C., a core duo of Genevieve Ludwig on drums, guitar, vocals, and Erin McCarley on drums, guitar, vocals who started out back in 2016 and their latest 8-song EP Paint The Birds.

Actually, this time around Ludwig and McCarley are also joined by Emma Baker and Owen Wuerker who contributed instrumentally, inspirationally, and on vocals.

To name this collection simply as modern folk would be a true misnomer since Faunas do start in that vein with ‘Cicadas’, but by the time they reach ‘Waxing Moon’, they are in a full modern rock mode, painting aurally similar lines like, say, Yo La Tengo.

But, then, they cover a much wider ground by staying true to their initial concept and sound, something it takes other artists a few albums to achieve.

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