Smiling Tools by POZI

Release date: May 26, 2023
Label: PRAH Recordings

Off-kilter pop/rock is about to get new faves. Ok, POZI, a London trio composed of Rosa Brook, Toby Burroughs, and Tom Jones (no, not that one) have released albums and EPs before Smiling Tools, their latest, but it seems that it is this release that roots their sound firmly to the ground.

So, what is the off-kilter element here? Instrumentally, POZI works with a rhythm section and a violin that goes in a number of directions. Vocally, the trio combines three vocals that go either in unison with the melody or counter each other, for and against the melody.


And yes, the melody is definitely there, supported with supporting or countering rhythms, but never falling out of either. Sometimes it goes the Velvet Underground way, the other the pick up where Stereolab left off, another, the rhythms seem to be inspired by The Gang of Four, and they keep on going, never forsaking that pop melody element along the way.

As the trio put it in words themselves, “We’re taking our music to a different place and we want to bring the listener along on that journey”.

So, the musical elements here might (or might not) be similar or known from elsewhere, but they are arranged in a unique, POZI way if you will.

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