Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In by Special Friend

Release date: June 30, 2023
Label: Skip Wax Records

Resisting any form of guitar-oriented, melody-driven pop rock in any shape and form is quite a hard task for any modern music fan that has been weaned on it from early on.

And when an artist or a band throw in their love, for jangle and twee rock, lo-fi bedroom pop, and new wave all at the same time, that task becomes even harder.

That is exactly what you may encounter with Special Friend, a Paris-based American/French duo, and their latest offering that goes under a bit of an elongated title of Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In.

The duo, Erica Ashleson (drums, vocals) and Guillaume Siracusa (guitar, vocals) started out together back in 2018 releasing between then and now an EP and two albums (and two singles in between), including the latest one.


As some other artists have shown, it is possible to create meaningful, substantial music with just guitar, drums, and vocals (dual ones, in this case), but it is quite a hard task, as all of those have truly to shine, of course, with no less substantial melodies behind them.

And, indeed, taking their cues from the likes of yo La Tengo and Galaxie 500,  what Ashleson and Siracusa do here truly shines, with some beguiling melodies, Ashenson’s subtle rhythms, Siracusa’s excellent guitar and often crystal clear dual vocals.

They could really become special friends with this kind of music.

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