The Cry by The Cry - The Cry

Release date: June 16, 2023
Label: Gizeh Records

Christine Ott is no stranger to Echoes and Dust, but The Cry, her new venture Mathieu Gabry (keyboards, effects) and Pierre- Loïc Le Bliguet (drums, percussion) is a new venture for her, as is their debut self-titled album.

While Ott, and her Ondes Martenot-led ventures and classically oriented might be a somewhat known quantity here, Gabry, comes from the world of architecture and museography, for which he works as a lighting designer, while Le Bliguet is a jazz-trained percussionist.


This brief description of the background of the artists involved can be an indication of the music you might expect from this album – an avant-garde combination of modern classical music, jazz, and electronics that are based on sometimes structured, sometimes loose improvisations one elongated and three, you can label them brief compositions. The way the trio approaches their music is such that they create some quite striking soundscapes that keep evolving and revolving as the music develops.

The quality of such music always relies on ability, imagination, and inventiveness, and all three artists involved have ample all of those in ample reserves, making this album quite an intriguing listen.

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