The Love Invention by Alison Goldfrapp

Release date: May 12, 2023
Label: Skint

We all connect
We synchronise
We are connected
(Never stop love, never stop love)
Deep inside.

The soothing vocal lines from Alison Goldfrapp’s introduction on the first track entitled ‘NeverStop’ sees one part of the duo spreading her wings and flying to the heavens as the electro-lights get in the groove with her double-tracking vocal lines that have a robotic edge to it. There’s something very new wave about that track. But on Alison’s solo debut called The Love Invention, you can understand how much she’s proving herself that she’s more than just an electronic duo.

For nearly 25 years Goldfrapp have kept their listeners hypnotised by going through the various outsource in their music and the styles they would create. From spaghetti westerns, synth-pop, glam rock, trip hop, ambient, cabaret, dance music, it’s all there from their seven albums they’ve unleashed from 2000 to 2017. And for Alison to go alone after Will Gregory decided to take a back seat from touring, it was time for her to take up the mantle.

The Love Invention isn’t just a great album, but a simple piece of painting that she’s unleashed to the public with a beautiful form of waves coming to life in all of its glory. And to be allowed to have Richard X, James Greenwood (Ghost Culture), Claptone, and Norwegian duo Röyksopp in the fold, and not only to be working with a true maestro, it is going to be a roller-coaster ride you’ll never forget.


‘Fever (This Is the Real Thing)’ has some intensive synth-like waves going up and down the ocean with electro drum beats, followed by foot-stomping arrangements that evokes ABBA and Blondie rolled into one. ‘So Hard So Hot’ which sees Alison channeling her take of Steven Wilson’s ‘Personal Shopper’ by taking the listener into the hot-levelled sun across the Brazilian coast whilst dancing and sweating like crazy before heading down the deep end with obsessive love before it becomes too chaotic with the rain-dropping ‘Subterfuge’.

The bonus track of ‘Impossible’ which features her collaboration with Röyksopp, goes in to a deep, darker, and heavier ticking time bomb, ready to explode. The booming atmosphere, ascending melodies, nods to Paul McCartney’s ‘Temporary Secretary’, and ready to let loose at any second. For Alison, she doesn’t mess around, she’s dead fucking serious on her compositions. And damn it, she’s at the top of her game.

The niina remix of ‘Gatto Gelato’ beats out the original version of the song out of the ball park. Temperature levels going to an all-high rate at 800 degrees Fahrenheit. And some Tangerine Dream-sque vibrations which Alison pays homage to from their late ‘70s period, followed by Cluster’s Zuckerzeit that comes to mind with a sugary flavour while she swims into Sigur Ros’ territory from the Ágætis byrjun approach on ‘In Electric Blue’.

The Love Invention is quite an achievement from Alison’s beginning as a solo artist. She’s not trying to pull a Bowie, a Prince, or a Howard Hughes approach to her followers, but being her true self, and being honest on what she wants to do next in the next story that is waiting for her. Yes, it may take a while to get into, but The Love Invention is only just the beginning.

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