Amelie Lucille by Amelie Lucille - Amelie Lucille

Release date: June 15, 2023
Label: Self-Released

With singer-songwriters it is always one key thing which, when all things considered, determines whether they have come up with good music or not – can they really relate that personal to a more broad audience?

Whether they go for the ‘simple’ acoustic instrument/voice combination and how personal (or impersonal) the lyrics are, or whether they go for a more complex songs structure or arrangement in the end does matter. But relating all that to an audience depends not only on the quality of the music and lyrics but the emotion, feelings and the ability to transfer those into recording music always tips the balance.

New York folk artist Amelie Lucille on her debut 7-song EP actually goes for that ‘simpler’ combination, her voice and an acoustic guitar. That was always a trickier proposition to achieve right, as there is practically nothing really an artist can hide behind.

Lucille exhibits all the qualities that can make such music work – excellent vocals with lyrics that go beyond the mundane ‘I’m hurting’ concept conveyed with proper emotional level and some quality acoustic guitar picking with just spare additional embellishments like the violin on ‘Disposable Cameras’.

Essentially, Lucille shows how ‘basic’ singer-songwriter music can sound good.

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