It All Returns To Nothing by Burner

Release date: June 23, 2023
Label: Church Road Records

On their debut album It All Returns To Nothing, London metallers Burner properly announce their arrival onto the metal horizon in the UK and beyond in the most formidable way. The band waste absolutely no time in showing the world exactly what they’ve got as their ferocious riffs and venomous grooves abound, taking in the unhinged brutality of death metal and the chaotic and energetic beatdown of hardcore, collide with the guttural vocals of singer Harry Nott to maximum effect.

The whole album just radiates with an electric nature and the way the band deliver their berserk and well constructed noise is immensely well done and Burner know exactly what to do to get maximum heaviness with their music.

From the opening detonation of ‘Hurt Locker’ all the way through to the grooving album closer ‘Waco Horror’, Burner do not let up with the energy of their music, which gives this album a live feel and is a tantalising prospect at these songs being played in a live setting.

The songs on It All Returns To Nothing are delivered with a relentless brutality with tracks like the lawless noise of ‘Pyramid Head’, the pummelling grind of ‘Pillar Of Shame’ and the utterly unhinged ‘Prometheus Rising’ all standout tracks, but it has to be said that the album as a whole is a complete collection of standout tracks.

With Church Road Records home to so many great bands who are taking metal to great new heights from Employed To Serve and Ohhms to Helpless and Heriot, you can definitely add Burner to that list as they are without a doubt a band who are going to get bigger and bigger, and one who have made a big impression which is made all the more impressive by the fact that this is only their first album.

It All Returns To Nothing is the start of a long journey for Burner for sure and the band’s ferocious music, which explodes on every single song in this album, is as life affirming (albeit in a dark and harrowing manner) and exciting as extreme music gets.

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