Unland by Pram of Dogs

Release date: July 14, 2023
Label: Phantom Limb

There are a number of ambient/post-rock/modern classical artists out there that take their inspiration from music essentially with cinematic images in mind. Some of them take their cues from sounds that could be quite familiar to wider audiences, others, go for more cult, forgotten, or even imaginary films as their inspiration.

You can possibly place UK film and TV composer Pram of Dogs in the latter category, with their latest release Unland.

Now, Pram of Dogs, who doesn’t really reveal who stands behind this moniker has expanded to a duo for this release (another respected name in the film composition world), taking some intriguing cues here, that, through a combination of sound, go into unexpected territories.

The ten compositions here actually combine the sounds of a church organ and repurposed archival DAT recordings, that were reformulated to have a unifying, darkening sound that in places recall such film composers as Ennio Morricone or Angelo Badalamenti and electronic experimenters such as Tim Hecker, Ben Frost or Christian Fennesz.

In many ways, the album cover fits the music within, which on one hand has these dark overtones, and on the other, still is moving in its dark beauty.

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