Falling Down by Suburban Spell

Release date: June 23, 2023
Label: Self-Released

How many takes on the prime Kraftwerk heard through the eighties electronic greats like New Order, and OMD to name just two have we heard recently?

It might be a glut, but at the same time, not as many are able to stand out from the rest of the crowd, or truly add an individual stamp to that sound.

Yet, at the same time, even when we have artists that are simply replicating the best elements of prime eighties electronics, we don’t mind, as long as they sound good enough.

Australian artist Peter Endall, who works under the moniker Suburban Spell, has named his latest offering (a six-song mini-LP/EP) Falling Down yet with the music he presents on it he doesn’t qualify to bear the title of this release, as he is somewhere between an excellent replicator and an artist that adds a personal touch to a well-traveled sound.


The reason for the high quality of Endall’s electronics here may actually lie in his emotional involvement with the songs he presents, heard particularly through his lyrics, which he is able to smartly pair with the sounds he creates, particularly evident in tracks like ‘Salvation Army’.

“I have heard others describe electronic music as being cold and distant, but I’ve always found something warm and inviting there. Suburban Spell’s music has a cold and distant overtone but, underneath, I try to bring layers of beauty and warmth that weave in and out, creating a musical foundation of tension and release”, explains Endall.

And it is exactly that emotional involvement that gives Suburban Spell’s ‘Falling Down’ that elevates the electronic sounds to another level.

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