Frantic Hearts by Summer Houses

Release date: June 30, 2023
Label: Self-Released

They say that Portland, Oregon has a very specific rock music scene that is full of basement/underground venues, dominated by post-punk artists with a penchant for experimentation.

So it just might be no wonder that Portland  quartet Summer Houses (Hazel Sterling Clemente: guitar/vocals, Dylan Barstow: keyboard/backup vocals, Mitchell Raymond: bass/backup vocals, Max Minde: drums) just might fit perfectly the above description, judging by the sound of their latest album Frantic Hearts.

They explain their ethic: “As best friends, we forged Frantic Hearts through years of daily challenges, working-class grind, and traumatic events to create a vivid, high contrast sonic experience crafted as a jagged, rock’ n’ rollin’ rollercoaster.” 


The album name actually fits the music quite well too. While the frantic part might sound chaotic, with Summer Houses that chaos is quite a controlled and tight one – with unpredictable being the key word here – whenever you get the impression that Summer Houses might take a more conventional turn, they take you somewhere else completely.

Even in their quieter moments, this band doesn’t hold back anything combining their love of The Pixies and Black Flag with Frank Zappa’s dadaist tendencies, throwing in some good old hard rock whenever they see fit.

And what could have turned into an incomprehensible mishmash comes out as a great-sounding post-punk experiment.

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