Moon Phases by Ari B. Ingber

Release date: August 22, 2023
Label: Some Other Shore

The number of singer-songwriter artists seems to grow by the day, but it also may be the fact that the streaming times have made it possible for us to be spoiled by choice – they might have been there all the time, yet now we have a much larger number of such artists to choose from.

So what could be the discerning factor? Of course, the quality of music comes first to the forefront, but so does the fact whether such an artist is just another introspective navel gazer talking and singing to herself/himself, or whether such an artist has something to say that other listeners can relate to.

California-based Ari B. Ingber and his latest eight-song mini album Moon Phases, actually fit quite well into the latter category.


That ‘California-based’ tag just might indicate to prospective listeners the sound of music Ingber offers here – that roots/Americana-tinged sound California came to be known for since the early seventies. It is all in Ingber’s languid songwriting and a cast of seasoned musicians that accompany him here, as it includes musicians who have worked with Bob Dylan Fleet Foxes, Angel Olsen, and others.

It is though Ingber’s assured songwriting that dominates here, probably forged with his previous experience that includes collaborations with Jonas Mekas (Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground, John And Yoko), widely known as “the godfather of American avant-garde cinema”, (a project that remains unreleased) and a duet with folk legend Ed Askew of Ingber’s song Driftwood, released on NFT.

At the same, delivered in his hushed vocals, akin to a sixties maverick Skip Spence. his lyrics stand on their own and make this album something prospective listener will cherish.

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