Small Everyone by Carry The Branches

Release date: August 4, 2023
Label: Self-Released

Carry The Branches is one Sonar Mallory and Small Everyone is his debut 5-song EP. A simple introduction for an artist who has created some intriguing music for his musical introduction.

Nothing unusual as far as the beginning of a musical career here, as he started out with classical music education (violin) and then turned to more popular music forms.

Yet, there are quite a few turns and bends in his approach to pop/rock, as it seems that Mallory has accumulated quite a few more complex, or sophisticated sources, if you will, when he started creating his music here.

Psych and baroque pop, lo-fi approach, and quite a few things pop up while listening to the five tracks here – from The Pixies in their lighter pop mode and Flaming Lips, to Sparklehorse, Elliott Smith to Luke Steele in his Sleepy Jackson mode in particular, and you can add quite a few other touches.

Yet, instead of turning this into a musical mishmash, Mallory does give a personal and unifying musical sense to all his influences, giving promise of greater musical things to come.

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