Somewhere Down Bellow by Gaadge

Release date: August 4, 2023
Label: Crafted Sounds

It took a bit of time for Mitch DeLong to bring his Gaadge project to take full steam.

He started the whole thing back in 2014, but it took a relocation and lineup changes for Gaadge to come up with their first offering, a spit tape with Barlow back in 2018. The first album (Yeah?) appeared in 2021, and now they are up to their third release Somewhere Down Bellow. So what is on offer here?

Actually, it is practically all shapes and forms of alternative rock from the late eighties until today, with shoegaze My Bloody Valentine Style, and psych pop rock Pavement style that lead the way here.


Many potential listeners would, we’ve heard it before, for which Gaadge gives a clear answer – so what, if it is any good?

And yes, Gaadge does it really well. It is all condensed here in songs like ‘Any Timers’ – loud, buzzing guitars over well-crafted melodies and often excellent harmonies to boot. It is loud pop-rock, but loud pop-rock that can get to listeners with ease, particularly if they keep their loudness level at 10 all the time.

All done before? Again, so what? Gaadge has a tight, rocking sound that works, and as in many other instances that is quite enough, thank you.

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