Piano Space by Jaime McMenamy

Release date: July 28, 2023
Label: Labile Records

There’s a newly coined phrase to signify a ‘new’ genre – ambient piano music. Actually, it seems to be a combination of neo-classical piano explorations and for many the dreaded new-age genre.

Essentially, it should designate the music where the artist, usually in a solo mode, explores both the notes and spaces through piano explorations, both composed and improvised.

To be able to achieve that, such an artist has to have a vast knowledge of classical and jazz music and an intricate touch and invention with a piano.

Jamie McMenamy seems to have all those on his latest album aptly titled Piano Space.


It is easy to see (and hear) why, as McMenamy has an extensive catalog that goes as far back as two decades (1993). Actually, McMenamy has big forays into the music for video gaming, contributing to the success of numerous award-winning video games.

But on Piano Space he goes beyond his video gaming music experience into something that could be dubbed as ‘pure’ ambient, truly exploring all the spaces with and between notes, letting the notes resonate, filling ‘emptiness’ with sound.

It is quite a tricky proposition, requiring an exquisite touch, knowledge of the instrument, and a deft touch, something McMenamy obviously possesses in ample quantities.

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