In Clash With The Zeitgeist by Para Lia

Release date: August 25, 2023
Label: Self-Released

Recently it seems that the general, very broad categories of alternative or indie rock are getting lost in the mist somewhere.

Yet, a German duo that goes under the name Para Lia is trying to correct that with their latest album offering In Clash With The Zeitgeist.

Throughout the album multi-instrumentalist René Methner and vocalist Cindy Methner are set to create music that covers everything from your ‘regular’ indie guitar rock, to shoegaze and dream pop to psych, and prog touches like the use of now almost forgotten mellotron.


It is that late eighties early nineties sound that dominates through the nine tracks here, the one where a skillful mix’n’match can work wonders, and it does for the Methner’s here.

The duo’s songs have substance and René instrumental skills are quite exemplary, while the duo’s exchanging vocals bring along that extra element that makes their music interesting.

Is their music anything new might not be the right question. The right one would be is it any good, and the answer to that is a simple yes, and, as simple as this answer might be it is a very satisfying one, basically, ‘good old’ guitar-dominated rock that works.

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