‘Mom, Why Is Everybody A Hoe?’ by Gemini Parks

Release date: September 29, 2023
Label: Self-Released

Kansas City’s Josh Berwanger never wanted to stick his music into one bag, but it seems always wanted to include a funky beat-based element in his music, even as a member of influential emo veterans The Anniversary.

A year back, Berwanger decided to move on and form a new, musical conglomerate Gemini Parks. After releasing four singles, Berwanger comes up with the band’s first full album Mom, Why Is Everybody A Hoe?

In many ways, Berwanger’s music is reminiscent of what Beck was doing, particularly in his ‘Odelay’ period and what Damon Albarn is currently doing with Gorillaz.

It is funk and hip-hop-based sound that actually veers in all directions, from The Beatles’ touches to seventies glam and elsewhere, with Berwanger bringing in practically anything he likes from his obviously very vast record collection.


Yet, throughout the 11 songs here, he shows a very inventive touch in moulding different influences into something personal and in most cases, something that you will certainly tap your feet to, at least.

As Berwanger puts it, “The songwriting focus on this album was to take influences of everything I listen to and blend those styles together to find as many sounds as possible, and then make them my own. If I’m roaming or chilling around the house listening to albums it can go from Rick James, Marijata to Marc Bolan, Sister Sledge, and something like “Up All Night” kinda comes out from that. I hope the listener finds the album to play like a musical journey with it’s different styles and sounds”.

While it might sound like a quite lofty goal, Berwanger and his Gemini Parks are able to pull it off with quite some ease and come up with an album that is so easy on the ears.

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