Kappa by Heatwaves

Release date: June 16, 2023
Label: Apollon Records

Laid-back sounds that is coming across the horizons of Bergen, Norway makes it perfect to settle down, relax, and enjoy a dosage of neo-psych, jazz, electronica, and a massive record collection from the Finders Keepers label. And with Heatwaves’ debut release entitled Kappa it’ll become a soothing underwatery wah-wah dive into the unknown.

The name Heatwaves comes from according to their Bandcamp website, “warm waves of delicious music, which gives summer vibes even on a chilly November”. The album feels very much like an alternate score to the episode of Harley’s Holiday from the third season of Batman: The Animated Series.

For Heatwaves, they know how to reveal Harley’s struggle on being free from Arkham Asylum, but getting into a huge amount of trouble. And influences of Serge Gainsbourg, French duo Air, Alain Goraguer, David Axelrod, and The Vampires of Dartmoore’s only debut album Dracula’s Music Cabinet.


And boy do Heatwaves know the source material very well. You can feel the funk, the mystery, the sound effects, and searching for the true culprit behind these oddball crimes. At times I felt a little tug to Sofia and Roman Coppola’s debut films The Virgin Suicides and CQ which Heatwaves pay homage to.

It’s isn’t just nods to the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, but with moody experiments to get you on the road and be free from all of the crazy shit that’s happening in your life right now. All in all, it’s great to hear some mind-blowing sounds in the Norwegian district who lay down the proggy-funk with a cup of electronic juice to start your day going.

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