Lost In Reality by Metro Riders

Release date: September 29, 2023
Label: Possible Motive

Crime novels are not really a new subject used by many musicians as inspiration for their music. Most often though, it is the American novels, those that are also often the source for the so-called film noir.

On the other hand, Swedish musician Henrik Stelzer, who operates under the moniker of Metro Riders, concentrates his cinematic-style projects on European film noir, particularly those made in the 80s.

He applied that concept on his previous releases starting with his album Europe By Night, and is something he tackles again on his latest album, Lost In Reality.


Inspired by a Swedish crime novel that deals with the dark side of Stockholm’s night-life, Stelzer’s music here is equally inspired by all the developments in electro/ambient soundscape music, particularly the European side of it, from Kraftwerk and other electro krautrock exponents to early Cabaret Voltaire and elsewhere.

In his recording and production process, Stelzer, attempts and fully achieves that dark, cinematic feel he was after through a particular recording setup consisting of a Fostex and a reel-to-reel in order to achieve and recreate the feeling of those soundtracks — as heard on magnetic tape rather than vinyl.

That gives the sound of his music here some even darker overtones that at the same time achieve that feel of calm and the dread that hides behind it at the same time.

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