Gravity by Somni

Release date: September 8, 2023
Label: Friends of Friends Music

Sometimes, musicians relying on electronic instruments in their music tend to forsake or forget the emotional ingredient that has to be present there in some form or other. By doing so, their music tends to lose quite a big part of the substance it needs to have.

Yet, there are others that pay attention to that element, either by talent or knowledge (or both) keeping the electronic element in check and making their music sound so much more appealing to a wider audience.


That is exactly the concept by which UK-born, LA-based producer and singer-songwriter Leo Shulman, aka Somni, has created his current album Gravity. Throughout the 11 songs here, Shulman does not only express what he knows and what he thinks but also what he feels, something that is not only a winning combination but one that produces high-quality music.

And it is the feeling that Shulman has paid equal attention to all of these elements throughout the album – he expresses his knowledge of the instruments he uses and the exact production required, that he has thought out each song carefully, and that he has invested all the emotions that have pushed him to create these songs.

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