Pensées by Megan Perry Fisher

Release date: November 3, 2023
Label: Piano And Coffee Records

Consciously or unconsciously, the connection between music and other art forms was always there somewhere, and the number of musicians being inspired by other art forms, particularly visual ones is probably too long to count. Of course, there was always the key question of how such musicians can transform that other art inspiration into viable music.

With her latest effort Pensées (Thoughts), New York-based pianist and composer Megan Perry Fisher joins that group of musicians. Fisher’s inspiration here comes from her artist residency in Paris back in 2019. It was here that Fisher encountered Peter Vergo’s book The Music of Painting: Music, Modernism, and the Visual Arts, which would influence this project’s multidisciplinary path.


It turns out also that while sketching out each piece on the piano, Fisher envisioned a synesthetic collaboration with a contemporary visual artist. She admired Colleen Herman’s work from afar and soon discovered that she often uses music as a starting point for her paintings. In June of 2021, the two began a dialogue. As Fisher’s songs took shape, she would send clips to Herman, who would listen on repeat in her studio, on the subway, or under the trees. Both artists exchanged inspiration and ideas for several months as the album developed.

As far as the music is concerned, Fisher’s inspiration didn’t go sour at any point here. Her compositions, with her piano playing at the forefront, and some elegant, often subdued arrangements for other instruments fully complement Coleen Herman’s art that is included with the album itself, showing that there was a genuine synergy between the two artists when they were delving into their art separately, but turning it into a dual project that can stand on its own and as separate parts.

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