This Is Not Love by Sexless Marriage

Release date: November 3, 2023
Label: Nighted Throne

Sexless Marriage count members of The Red Chord, Deafheaven, Umbra Vitae and Doomriders amongst their ranks and while the bands music is completely different to the music that those other bands make, the passionate nature of their music and the heaviness that they deliver, is loyal to the sum of those bands parts. The band’s self-titled 2020 album was a full on whirlwind of noise laden hardcore punk and Sexless Marriage return with the equally noise laden and even more chaotic follow up This Is Not Love.

Over fifteen songs, Sexless Marriage tear through all manner of emotions within each of the songs and it is all wrapped up in a cathartic rage that sounds absolutely immense.

This Is Not Love is a full on and immersive blast of sheer noise that doesn’t give you a moment to catch your breath, and when you do it is only to marvel at what you have just heard, with all the emotions involved pushed to the limit.

With a raging mix of Unsane style noise rock, Converge style chaotic hardcore (their lead vocalist Jacob Bannon actually makes two typically impressive appearances here on the tracks ‘Harsh Light’ and ‘Delicate Flesh’) and an unhinged hardcore punk style, Sexless Marriage have hit upon a winning formula here, and demonstrate it fully on this album.

Songs like ‘Abstract Optimist’, ‘Enduring  Love’, ‘Cardiac Arrest’ and the closing fury of ‘Tourist Of Grief’ are all perfect examples of what makes Sexless Marriage so good with all the noise laden and the fact that these songs tell a story throughout the album makes it a more emotional experience throughout.

With this record, Sexless Marriage have delivered another brilliant album in This Is Not Love and hopefully they will again as when the band get together, the results are always as spectacular as they are here.

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