Building Blocks Pt. 6 by Neil Cowley

Release date: February 23, 2024
Label: Mote Records

Since releasing his solo album Hall of Mirrors back in 2021, composer Neil Cowley has been quite active. Along with his follow-up, Battery Life in 2023, Cowley has released a series of EPs under the joint title of Building Blocks,  the latest being Building Blocks, Pt.6 here, with the series actually bookending the two albums.

It seems that the general idea behind the series is presenting fully or partly-developed ideas that Cowley intended or intends to fully develop in more detailed concepts on his fully-fledged albums.

Yet, no matter how developed these ideas really are, here they sound like mature, detailed musical ideas that work in Cowley’s combination of electronics and acoustic piano. It is an intricate combination of all things electronic, from techno to ambient and post-modern classical That Cowley has already shown that he is adept at.


Cowly notes, “There have been occasions over the last couple of years when I’ve produced material that sounded some distance from the sonority of the albums I was releasing at the time and I even toyed with the idea of launching this material under another name. However on reflection, these tunes sound just as much like me as anything else I’ve produced, and I now clearly see their importance as ‘building blocks’ material.“

Whether these are ‘building blocks’ or not, the music here fully stands on its own merits.

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