Escape Scenes by Sea Dramas

Release date: February 2, 2024
Label: Royal Oakie Records

From a solo project to a full band and back to a solo project. Again.

That is briefly the story of San Francisco’s Scott Pettersen (no, not the death row convict) and his Sea Dramas project, and after  the Covid lockdown, Pettersen finally released a new album, Escape Scenes.

Pettersen is obviously one of those artists influenced by the music that went on decades ago – 60’s pop, folk, and dream pop with hefty touches of library music.


Very often, such projects turn into a simple re-hash of music that it is based upon, and it can be a good or not-so-good re-hash. Pettersen though has thoroughly assimilated those sounds and presents his own vision of them, making them sound thoroughly fresh and new, something that has actually been created for these ‘modern’ times.

A seemingly unassuming touch here that makes the difference here is the fact that Pettersen, with just a bit of help from two collaborators, mainly uses drum samples cut to pieces and arranged to fit, that somehow underpin his intricate melodies, guitar playing (akin to the best Felt records of the eighties) and subdued vocals that give the music sound that individual perspective it deserves.

It turns out that ‘Escape Scenes’ is one of those melody-driven albums that simply stick to your ears.

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