My Lost Decade by True Green

Release date: February 1, 2024
Label: Spacecase Records

Another mainly solo project under a band moniker, and another such project that really works.

This time around it is from the Minneapolis-based songwriter Dan Hornsby (and his other band member Tailer Ransom) who also happens to be a novelist, something quite a bit evident on his latest (musical) project My Lost Decade.

Picking his moniker from a medieval nun Hildegard of Bingen’s idea of viriditas, and also a lawn care company, Hornsby (no relation to Bruce, it seems) spins his storytelling capabilities through some exquisite bedroom pop, lo-fi-style melodies that, through nine tales here, often akin to late, great David Berman and his Silver Jews, all have some intricate melodic and instrumental textures.


Each song is an intriguing story in itself, with, for example, ‘Midtown Matt’ following barflies who always threaten to leave town but never quite get their shit together, or ‘Comeback Special’, about a waiter who thinks he’s the reincarnation of Elvis.

The support from Texas songwriter Megan Storie, Big Clown’s Zach Mitchell, and Midlake’s Jesse Chandler surely helped create more than the usual lo-fi picture, but it is Hornsby’s musical and particularly lyrical show all the way.

Adding the fact that this is True Green’s debut album the results are even more impressive than the sum of its (nine) parts.

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