The Heartening by Amy Aileen Wood

Release date: May 3, 2024
Label: Colorfield Records

Amy Aileen Wood is one of those artists that doesn’t like the focus of media spotlights, even though she has been around for a while. Making music under her own name or in collaborations with other artists is what she wants to concentrate on, whether it is jazz or any other music genre, as a drummer or as a producer, makes no difference.

Wood came to the spotlight anyway, when she played and co-produced  Fiona Apple’s 2020 album Fetch The Bolt Cutters. Now, she steps out on her own, with her solo debut The Heartening.

It turns out she needed some persuasion to do so, as she notes “My motivation was entirely fear-based”, Wood explains, “I think my first question for Pete (Head of Colorfield Records) was, ‘Are you sure?’ But it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone. And ultimately it was equal parts uncomfortable and rewarding”.


It turns out this emotional tension worked in her (and listeners’) favour here – the variety and depth and sounds Wood creates and presents here is so deep and wide and so seamlessly interwoven together that the listener simply stops trying to guess where Wood’s musical threads came from, concentrating on both, the complexity of the music on one hand, and its ability to flow so easy as if it was some form airwave-geared pop.

This kind of music is often the hardest to achieve right, but Amy Aileen Wood hits all the listening spots, as it is the easiest thing to do.

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