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Echoes of the Past: Celebrating 10 years of Her Name Is Calla

This month saw Her Name Is Calla celebrate a decade as a band. Ten years at the coal face of being an independent band in the twenty first century is a mighty achievement so it seemed like a good time to take a moment to step back and appreciate one of the finest bands this country has produced in that decade. By Dan Salter

Her Name is Calla – Animal Choir

Animal Choir is a masterpiece and should be considered a foremost contender for everyone’s album of the year and beyond.

PORTALS ALL-DAYER ft. UpCDownC, a BBQ and Her Name is Calla

I feel like I’ll never tire of Her Name is Calla, they’re a band I could and likely will see dozens of times.

Her Name Is Calla – Lights in the Sky

The whole collection has this reoccurring disclosure and intimacy that stands in everything they do. There is no mystique with Her Name Is Calla, no bullshit; they are a band of articulate people expressing themselves honestly and unreservedly and there is nothing more sacred or powerful to find in music than honesty. By Chad Murray

Her Name Is Calla – The Heritage

It’s 4 am, it’s dark. I’m alone with the remnants of another embittered argument, and the taste of a turgid affair in my mouth. The air is littered with half truths and broken promises, and the come down is hitting me hard – ‘What’s the point? What’s h …

Her Name is Calla – Navigator

Sit back and absorb this wonderful album and you will not regret it for a second. By Daniela Patrizi

Her Name is Calla – The Dead Rift

For those new to Her Name Is Calla, the EP is not what you typically think of when you think of post-rock in general but it definitely is typical of what fans have come to love of the band’s unique sound.

Her Name Is Calla – The Quiet Lamb

With ‘The Quiet Lamb’, Her Name Is Calla have established themselves as a band of enormous depth, ability and vision who really have carved out a unique sound and a place in the musical firmament with very few peers. By Dan Salter

Live: Cult of Luna, Humanfly and Her Name is Calla – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow. January 19th 2013.

Having never seen either Humanfly or Cult of Luna live before I entered Glasgow’s Ivory Blacks with my excitement at fever pitch. Even more so as on my journey Echoes and Dust metal guru, Sander texted me to say we were in line to watch the sound check …

Her Name Is Calla – A Wave of Endorphins OST

The album distils a full gamut of feelings and serves them up for you to gorge upon, delivers more in its all-too-brief 35 minutes than many bands are capable of producing in an entire career, and leaves you bedazzled and enraptured; spent and grinning; breathless, wide-eyed and revelling in its enormity and splendour. By Chris Long

Exclusive Track Stream: Her Name Is Calla – The Dead Rift

Her Name Is Calla should need no introductions on these pages and new material from them always sparks a flurry of excitement around E&D Towers so we are hugely thrilled to be able to bring you the title track from their new EP, The Dead Rift. It’s …

Hidden Currents – Her Name Is Calla talk merchandise

Transcendent post-rockers Her Name Is Calla produce what is far and away the most beautiful merchandise I have ever seen. Their £25 double 12” picture vinyl of A Quiet Lamb is stunning, but in stark contrast to the growing trend of downloading music fo …

ArcTangent 2015: Through New Eyes

According to the sign at the gate there are no drugs at ArcTanGent. That being said, I am about to disclose a whirlwind of ineffably spectacular and ebullient events the likes of which will entice you to said festival with a narcotic fervour. I came to ArcTanGent as the blank canvas of this writing body and left a part of a greater work. Here I met the team of some of the most delightful misfits you will ever come across, here I found a place where I felt comfortable in my own skin. By Chad Murray

ArcTanGent 2015: Her Name Is Calla

ArcTanGent 2015: Her Name Is Calla ArcTanGent Festival 2015 Photos by Magda Wrzeszcz

Live: Her Name Is Calla – Sebright Arms, London. 12th December 2013

What made the night perfect – apart from spotless organisation courtesy of Group Therapy – was the fact that all of the bands gave the audience something to look forward to in the new year – from fully announced Calla’s ‘Navigator’ due in Spring via Rumour Cubes working titles and album recording well under way, to Flies Are Spies’ yet unnamed tracks. – by Magda Wrzeszcz

dunk!festival Friday: This Will Destroy You, CHVE, Pelican, IIVII, My Sleeping Karma, Her Name Is Calla, Kokomo, Eleanora, Baikonur, Monnik, Sounds Like The End Of The World, Illuminine

dunk!festival Friday: This Will Destroy You, Syndrome, Pelican, IIVII, My Sleeping Karma, Her Name Is Calla, Kokomo, Eleanora, Baikonur, Monnik, Sounds Like The End Of The World, Illuminine dunk!festival 2016 Photos by Magda Wrzeszcz

Interview: Sophie Green and Adam Weikert from Her Name Is Calla

“Taking a very lonely feeling and making it into a communal project. That’s what makes me want to write music. That and riffs, just gotta get those riffs out!” – Adam Weikert

Her Name is Calla & The Monroe Transfer – An Enclave

A super little EP. A little different, a little rough round the edges but well worthy of your time. By John Deasey

T. E. Morris – And You Were The Hunter

Tom Morris, or T.E. Morris as he prefers to be called in this guise, is the driving force behind post rock behemoth Her Name Is Calla. Since striking out with his solo material a couple of years ago the prolific Morris has produced half a dozen EPs cul …

Festival Preview: Dunk! 2016

Magda gives us a look some of the goodness to come at this year’s Dunk! Festival.

Records Of The Year – 2014

Explore our top 40 records of 2014 as voted for by our writers.

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