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I remember the first time I tried Indie. Someone at school handed me a mix tape and on it was stuff like Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana, Pixies… That was it. After that first taste, I wanted more and more. Tapes, CDs, vinyl, the works. I started going to gigs and festivals, experimenting with new genres, heavier stuff – post rock, math rock, riot grrl, hardcore, sludge, stoner rock, even dance stuff and girl groups. I realised I was spending almost all my time and money on music but I just couldn’t get enough.

Of course, I could give up any time I like. It doesn’t control me – I control it…

So, how about I make you a mix tape? You’ll love it. First one’s free – tell your mates.

Articles by Aicha Boyd

Live Review: Ben Salter – Blue Man, Brighton. 6th June 2015

To me, it sounds like real life. Chats in the pub. An internal monologue. Thoughts about love. Thoughts about life. Lo-fi, simple, honest, kitchen sink folk punk. A man, a guitar, an open mind and mouth. By Aïcha Boyd

Team Horse – Children Of The Winter

If I remember rightly, when I was researching Team Horse to review EP ‘Here Come the Hurricane’, the only band he (keep up, folks, it’s a one-man show) namechecked was Lightning Bolt.  This time, his Bandcamp site also mentions Jesu, Mogwai, and DJ Sha …

Black International – In Debt

You know those nights when you’ve got nothing planned and you’re perfectly content to sit around in your PJs watching crap TV, eating pizza and contemplating your navel and then, out of the blue, one of your mates texts and asks if you want to go to a …

Papaye – La Chaleur

My French is pretty rubbish these days, but I think ‘La Chaleur’ translates as ‘Heat’.  Highly apt for a band who, when myself and two other E&D stalwarts were lucky enough to catch them live, were sweating so much one of them looked like he’d been …

Team Horse – Here Come The Hurricane EP

With a stated aim to emulate Lightning Bolt, the sound of "Here Come the Hurricane" falls somewhere between that and (at times) a kind of instrumental Big Black, with a healthy dose of shoegaze and space rock thrown in for good measure. It’s …

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