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Hello my name is Andrew from North Essex born and raised….Music has generally always been a part of my life as my parents were into 80’s rock (Bon Jovi/Guns ‘N’ Roses etc) I myself initially gravitated towards 90’s Indie (Oasis before you ask) and Trance but it was discovering Ska Punk and Nu Metal (and Slayer) in college that properly kick-started my decent into music addiction.Nowadays my tastes have migrated to the heavier spectrum of Metal, Stoner/Doom and all things Post although I still love a bit of Ska Punk from time to time.I absolutely love live music and although started attending gigs in 2001 it wasn’t until a Death Angel show in 2003 that I properly fell in love and started attending on a regular basis, the reason being that it was the first gig I had the guts to attend by myself and realised it was no big deal actually!Being only one hour away from London has since resulted in me going to a ridiculously number of gigs (smaller venue the better) as well as festivals in England and Europe resulting in me acquiring an obscenely large CD and band t-shirt collection.Did the usual in attempting and failing to be a competent musician so after years of people telling me I should do so I finally decided to take up this music reviewing enterprise.Started up beginning of 2012 creating a personal blog amongst friends for our benefit and surprisingly enjoyed it, so after discovering Echoes and Dust via an ArcTanGent festival preview and being impressed with their general ethos and direction… here I am!

Articles by Andrew Rawlinson

Cretus – Dux Mea Lux

This is something superb from an unexpected source, as it’s an absolute ripsnorter of a righteous RIFF fueled orgy of heavy metal worship! – By Andrew Rawlinson

Hibernal – After The Winter

The story completely failed to captivate me…but happily the music itself is once again flawless, especially when provided with breathing space on the ‘instrumental’ version that allows the subtleties and emotional depths to come to the fore to dramatic effect. By Andrew Rawlinson

Interview: Ross King from Countless Skies

Andrew Rawlinson recently saw British melodic death metal band Countless Skies play a very impressive set at Bloodstock Open Air and decided to ask vocalist/guitarist Ross King some questions to find out more about the band.

Radkey – Dark Black Makeup

A trio of brothers from Missouri with a single goal, to move your feet and melt your face and debut album Dark Black Makeup achieves that goal perfectly. By Andrew Rawlinson

Alfahanne – Blod Eld Alfa

An interesting attempt at straddling two disparate genres, but more often than not the band finds themselves stranded in no man’s land being neither one thing nor the other, lacking the icy heart of black metal or the full exuberance of punk rock. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Festival Review: Bloodstock Open Air 2015

Andrew Rawlinson went to Bloodstock Open Air and picks his ‘Top 5 bands of the weekend’, ‘Five other worthy mentions’ and ‘Five New Blood bands’.

Russkaja – Peace, Love & Russian Roll

It’s not perfect and lacks an outright anthem to hook in casual listeners, but it’s undeniably great fun. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Interview: Brittney Slayes from Unleash The Archers

Andrew Rawlinson asked vocalist Brittney Slayes from Canadian metallers Unleash The Archers some questions to find out more about the band and their influences.

Unleash the Archers – Time Stands Still

Unleash the Archers are a band who are obviously having the time of their lives and this enjoyment positively flows out of your speakers and is ridiculously infectious. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Festival Preview: Temples Festival 2015

Andrew Rawlinson gives us a taster of what to expect at this year’s Temples Festival.

Sigh – Graveward

Graveward’s scattergun approach is as subtle as a blunderbuss and rather chaotic to boot, but all the more entertaining and colourful for this. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Mist – Inan’

The substantially improved production job overall also adds depth to Mist’s sound ensuring that overall this is another promising step forward for the band. – By Andrew Rawlinson

BongCauldron – Acid Cattle EP

Ultimately if you worship the RIFF you will find yourself worshiping the ‘cauldron and Acid Cattle is another holy slab worthy of tribute. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Cold in Berlin – The Comfort of Loss & Dust

Despite firing a couple of blanks ‘The Comfort of Loss & Dust’ is an engrossing and imaginative take on the doom genre that is brimming with an over-abundance of confidence to soar above any missteps. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Strigaskór nr. 42 – Armadillo

‘Armadillo’ delves into all the weird and wonderful directions, mixing metal, punk rock, surf rock and more. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Siberian Hell Sounds – ⍲⍕⍎⍱

Siberian Hell Sounds live up to the intention by serving up four vicious slices of brutal intensity. Wowzer. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Forward Unto Dawn – ALPHA

As with any self-respecting album with ‘progressive’ tendencies it works well either as a collection of songs or viewed as a single entity with the hook of fantastically varied RIFFS keeping you invested. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Like A Storm – Awaken The Fire

“Hard Rock, #DidgeridooMetal, #VoodooMetal”, that description and the fact the band in question, Like A Storm, originate from New Zealand is always going to spark a sense of curiosity. – By Andrew Rawlinson

An Autumn For Crippled Children – The Long Goodbye

Despite influences from opposing musical spectrums the sound hits a nice middle ground and feels completely comfortable in itself. By Andrew Rawlinson

Danko Jones – Fire Music

Another high quality rock ‘n’ roll album packed to the brim with punching anthems by a band who have long forgotten how it’s even possible to fail at this level. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Battle Beast – Unholy Savior

An unashamedly bombastic and powerful display of power metal heroics laced with 80’s stadium rock theatrics that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. – By Andrew Rawlinson

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