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Grist – The End of Fear

Like all of Grist’s stuff, it’s dark ambient made in an awesome way. Using fractured small loops of (what sounds like to me) mantra recording stuff and random samples in a way that’s constantly shifting in terms of rhythm and harmony.

Raven – The night is dark the night is silent, the night is light the night is loud

The latest release from Peter Hollo’s project Raven is an excursion in electronics based modern classical. The album manages to carve out a really enjoyable working space for the project to create and explore the sounds they’re into and the mixture of ideas explored is really neat.

The Convoy – Heh

It’s just such a beautiful rewarding listen. It’s such a gorgeous embrace of all living things happening around us. With soundscapes that drone into infinity and elements that engage you. I can’t stress this enough, this is the music everyone needs in their lives.

Omahara – Omahara (Review + Exclusive Stream)

The Tasmanian band’s second self-titled release is hard to put words to, but hey. It’s a landscape record, It’s a introspective record and it captures so perfectly what (I think) they’re trying to do.

BØG – Jim

Recorded earlier this year, ‘Jim’ is the band’s third a fucking mean one to boot. The release is a near 40 minutes of desolate unwavering desolation.

Cascades – Cascades

Recorded this year, the Melbourne band’s self-titled LP is the perfect mix of haunting atmospheres, devastating heaviness and melancholic swathes.

Intrinsic Light – Emptiness


Zeitgeber – Heteronomy

On ‘Heteronomy’, the polyrhythmic electro world grooves on display wade through the band’s deep fascination with the deep inner workings of the human mind from a spiritual perspective. The album is strewn with fascinating references to spirituality and the mechanics of perception itself and the music is just bullshit cool.

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