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Grawl!x – Appendix

A jack of many trades and sickeningly masterful with them all.

Haggard Cat – Challenger

As far as dirty two-piece bands go, Reynolds and Marsh are a force to be reckoned with and have set the bar high with this glorious, cacophonous collection of riffs and guttural lamentations.

VLMV – Stranded, Not Lost

This record is quietly anxious, earnestly calm and wistfully hopeful. It’s a sigh of acceptance. It’s simultaneously serene and sorrowful in equal measure.

Hell Is For Heroes – 15 Years of The Neon Handshake

Cast your mind back if you can. It’s 2003 . . . People are talking. A new subculture of British Post-Hardcore seems to be evolving and right at the forefront, brandishing their passionately crushing chorus lines are the mighty, London-based five-piece, Hell Is For Heroes.

Herb Magee aka Arvo Party

Late last year, I caught up with Herb Magee; one-time bassist of Northern Ireland’s nu-grunge outfit; LaFaro, turned award-winning bedroom electronica producer and soundscaper; Arvo Party. With Herb’s recent semi-permanent relocation to the US of A, we …

Arvo Party – Arvo Party

It’s the composition of these tracks that sets it apart from most modern electronica albums, as it thoughtfully looks to its inward human elements.

Jamie Lenman – Devolver

Lenman’s ability to self reflect and push forward, without losing that quintessential element that makes a song fun or engaging, bodes well for his solo career and should satiate long-time fans who are gunning for a Rueben revival. I for one, am looking forward to the next devolution of Jamie Lenman.

Panji and The Buffalo – Rare Moves EP

Rare Moves is, in some respects, exactly what you’d expect from the drummer of one of the most formidable acts in this genre. In other respects, it is surprisingly refreshing and sprinkled with moments of clarity amongst the madness.

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