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Cauldron – In Ruin

Needless to say, I think this is an awesome band, ‘In Ruin’ is an phenomenal album and an instant classic in my opinion. Heavy metal worship done the right way! – By Berns von Bernington

Concussive​ / ​Endless Swarm – Split

This split is over and done before you know it, like a barrage of machine gun fire. I would highly recommend this to anyone who fucks with powerviolence. – By Berns von Bernington

Godhole Vs Crozier – Anthrophobia

This is fucking fantastic and will rip into you like a hacksaw powered by white-noise and static. The intensity is simply out of this world. – By Berns von Bernington

Interview: Endless Swarm

Berns von Bernington caught up with Endless Swarm and Mind Ripper Collective. They discussed all things Endless Swarm, how it all started and where it’s heading. Viva La Powerviolence!

Endless Swarm​ / ​Pavel Chekov – Split

This has to be one of the most complementary splits in terms of band chemistry I have ever reviewed. It all just melts together and culminates into any extreme music enthusiast’s wet dream. If you like fastcore and or powerviolence, which I know you do, you need to get this split. – By Berns von Bernington

Autopsy – Skull Grinder

Autopsy are back with their 4th EP titled ‘Skull Grinder’ and they’re still ripping it up with tasty rhythms and leads that could make a corpse dance in a glaring white eyed trance. – By Berns von Bernington

Tsjuder – Antiliv

To the true stalwarts of Norwegian black metal, I salute you on an incredible comeback album in Antiliv, which is something any black metal evangelist and enthusiast alike should own. – By Berns von Bernington

Endless Swarm – Pointless Existence

Short, sweet and blends bone crushing grooves with incendiary like speed and brutality in a malformation of grinding powerviolence. – By Berns von Bernington

Interview: Jori Sara-aho from Speedtrap

Berns von Bernington asked singer Jori Sara-aho from Finnish speed metallers Speedtrap some questions about new album ‘Straight Shooter’, touring and more.

Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves – This Can’t Get Any Worse

This is a mash up of thrashy d-beat with some crust punk roots around the edges and it incorporates that raw sound that you’d expect. I definitely recommend you give it a listen if you’re into d-beat or any type of punk derived sub-genre. – By Berns von Bernington

Speedtrap – Straight Shooter

If you want somethings fast, relentless and just technically brilliant, I would highly recommend you get yourself a copy of Speedtrap’s ‘Straight Shooter’. – By Berns von Bernington

Mgła – Exercises in Futility

This album is ahead of its time, a master piece that doesn’t lend itself to much critique as it does admiration and praise. This is my record of the year without a doubt. – By Berns von Bernington

Live Review: Death Toll 80k, Whoresnation, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Famine & Dog Eggs – Wharf Chambers, Leeds. August 12th, 2015.

I’ve been to many shows in my life, and this one was probably the best one with class acts all round and incredibly well organised. I can’t wait to head back to leads and catch another show like this! – By Berns von Bernington

Destruktor – Opprobrium

This record has solidified their assault on extreme music and the crushing music just solidifies that ten-fold! – By Berns von Bernington

Bitter End – Illusions of Dominance

It is a bit less intense than it’s predecessor, less abrasive, but just as heavy and lethal in its own right. A solid effort from the boys out of Texas and definitely something to get your hands on. – By Berns von Bernington

Unrest – Grindcore

This is pretty much the perfect grindcore album and captures everything you’d want in a grindcore record without making it painful to listen too. I would highly recommend Unrest – ‘Grindcore’ to any and all extreme music fans. – By Berns von Bernington

Endless Swarm​/​Brainshit – Split

As far as the split goes as a whole, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate combination for either of these bands in terms of doing a split. It’s going take something special to change my mind, but yeah as far as splits go this year, this one is high on my list! – By Berns von Bernington

Oblivionized – Life Is A Struggle, Give Up

‘Life Is A Struggle, Give Up’ is fast, abrasive and has everything you’d expect and so much more. – By Berns von Bernington

Enforcer – From Beyond

‘From Beyond’ is absolute heavy metal worship with a modern day twist. This is a phenomenal release and an ode to true heavy metal! Get it and worship! – By Berns von Bernington

The Kill – Kill Them…All

‘Kill Them…All’ rips into you at an uncompromising speed that doesn’t really let up at all throughout the record. – By Berns von Bernington

Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat

An endless barrage of riffs, filled with some incredible drumming. The grindcore pioneers have managed to do it again, seemingly effortlessly at that. – By Berns von Bernington

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