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AL_X – Shunt

Shunt is filled with intense, trance-like and hypnotic songs with strikingly cinematic qualities. – By Bjarte Edvardsen

Wooden Shjips – Back To Land

Enter a neverending psychedelic roadtrip from San Francisco’s psych-rockers Wooden Shjips. – By Bjarte Edvardsen

Ásgeir – In The Silence

Most of all there is a silent kind of joyfulness to Ásgeirs music. And he knows exactly how to transform harmony into music. -By Bjarte Edvardsen

Bruno Bavota – La Casa Sulla Luna

This is music that captures mood and will illicit a relaxing stillness in your surroundings. Its tranquility is positioned confidently in the passive listener enjoying a candle-filled bubble-bath, but also, its dynamic variability allows attentive ears to ride the emotional waves that fluctuate to and fro. – By Sarah McRuvie

Kriget – Dystopico

Some dude wrote ‘Kriget is not electronic – it’s mechanical’ to promote the record. I find that description very spot-on even though it’s not true, because it’s interesting how Kriget has made electronic music which I often tend to forget is actually electronic while listening to it. – By Bjarte Edvardsen

Pablo Bolívar – Must

Must, the Spanish producers’ third album, is a demonstration of his ability of mixing sounds coming from his love for deep dub. – By Daniela Patrizi

Us Baby Bear Bones – What Starts With A U Ends With An I

A five track-journey of delightful pop and approximately 20 minutes of a wonderful headphone experience. – By Daniela Patrizi

Words Are Meaningless – Inanimate

The simple arrangements on Inanimate possess a palpable and eloquent beauty. The EP is an enchanting, albeit short, journey through some lucid and moving electronic music. Sie Messenger strikes notes with an effective confidence allowing the piano to become an impressive and expressive musical voice. – By Dave Guzda

Monochromie – Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep

The perfect music to listen to again and again in the night, while you are driving on an empty road. – By Daniela Patrizi

Death Rattle – Fortress EP

There is a very distinct haunting mood to these four tracks, feeding my mind with dystopian-looking visions and constantly painting dark landscapes behind my closed eyes. – By Bjarte Edvardsen

Lozk – Irrational

Spellbinding quality of a visionary musical journey. – By Dave Guzda

Max Lilja – Plays Electronica By One Cello

An impressive and innovative merging of musical genres. The album is catchy, convincing and begs to be replayed. – By Dave Guzda

Live: Portico Quartet – Koko, London. April 17th 2013

Seeing Portico Quartet live was an intense and immersive experience, where you left feeling that your dreams would be cast in the warm glow of a sunset. – By Sarah McRuvie

Jenny Hval – Innocence Is Kinky

If you were to convert Jenny Hval’s music into pure literature her books would be filled with poetry. – By Bjarte Edvardsen

Portico Quartet – Live / Remix

‘Atmospheric’ is an often used word speaking of music, so much that its meaning more or less has been diluted. When speaking of this live recording, however, it would be rather misleading not using the term. – By Bjarte Edvardsen

Spaceheads – Sun Radar EP

From the swift, squelchy opening riffs to its final percussive hisses, Sun Radar breathes brassy self-assurance the way a liquored businessman breathes boozy schmooze. – By Marion Rankine

The Synthetic Dream Foundation – Where Drowned Suns Still Glimmer

The electronic drumkit and synthesised sounds underneath some classical vocals create the feeling of a cheesy power ballad. It is a lot to digest for an average musical palette; even for the extremely open-minded out there. – By Sarah McRuvie

John Wayne’s Seat Belt – How Great This Could Be

How Great This Could Be by John Wayne's Seat Belt Recommended by Bjarte Edvardsen

Musique Le Pop – Turn To Sand

Turn To Sand (Single) by Musique Le Pop Recommended by Bjarte Edvardsen

Aidan Baker & Plurals – Glass Crocodile Medicine

Read our reviewer Ryan getting lyrical about the latest collaboration between Aidan Baker and Plurals: ‘…feels like a possible soundtrack to the day of red skies and aliens taking over.’ – By Ryan Stephenson.

twlc – Radio/DimRadio

“Radio/DimRadio” at its best delivers music that is simultaneously ominous and beautiful, catchy and creepy.

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