Bob Cook

I’m Bob. I tell other people how to make and fix internet for a living. I like super loud riffs, oceanography and being ashamed of my crap beard.

I play in DCON and Curators.

Articles by Bob Cook

ArcTangent – Frontierer interview

An interview from Frontierer’s extremely well received set at ArcTangent festival.

Whores. – Gold

This is furious noise rock that veers between a slow, sludgy Torche style and frenetic blasts of metallic punk that wouldn’t be out of place on an old Motörhead record.

Echoes Of The Past: Red Sparowes – Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun

A retrospective look at Red Sparowes’ magnificent, genre defining second album, Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun.

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