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I live in Austin, Texas. Like cats, food, bike rides, and the most trv kvlt black metal.

Articles by Dan Chavez

Writhe – The Shrouded Grove

The Shrouded Grove really is a great and well done piece of cinematic and atmospheric black metal. – By Daniel Chavez

The Deathtrip – Deep Drone Master

I would have liked to see some new freshness to this album and maybe a little less, lets try to be as kvlt as possible and blow it. Great job on the tracks and the music production! But a little less on the vocals. – By Daniel Chavez

Usnea – Random Cosmic Violence

If traveling through a never ending bog of hateful sludge sounds like something you would be into, then get this album. You will not be disappointed. – By Daniel Chavez

Pig Destroyer – Mass & Volume

Mass & Volume is a great album. I was surprised and a little taken back with the new approach that Pig Destroyer was going for on this EP; however, the new change in tempo was executed perfectly. The tone of the album is still the blinding anger that Pig Destroyer is known for and loved. – By Daniel Chavez

American – Coping With Loss

With chugging guitars and pounding drums, this duo brings on seven tracks of pure blackened detest. Coping with Loss is a solid album that I think any blackened fan would enjoy. – By Daniel Chavez

Whore of Bethlehem – Upon Judas’ Throne

Whore of Bethlehem is the epitome of the death metal genre, but also have a little fun at their own expense. If you like death metal; if you like to bang your head, or if you like to blast the most brutal metal in your car and scare your neighbors, this band and album is for you. – By Daniel Chavez

Ancst – In Turmoil

In Turmoil is a great album and well produced. The tracks flow well and are heavy as hell! Again, while most über-kvltists will shun this album, if you like your crust black and dismal, this is the album for you. – By Daniel Chavez

Recreant – Still Burn

This album is really well produced, the songs are well written and really bring the point across of what the lyrical themes are about. This album is what punk is about. Strong lyrics with powerful meanings, angry abrasive guitar hooks, violin pieces which bring more raw emotion, weave together in solidified realm of dissatisfaction against a broken system. – By Daniel Chavez

Ruins / Usnea – Split

Two bands come together for one awesome release. Usnea from Portland with their heavily laden soul crushing doom metal and Ruins from Germany with their fast paced blasphemous crust punk. – By Daniel Chavez

Parasight – Munden Fuld Af Løgn, Lommen Fuld Af Profit

It’s great to hear bands that are still keeping punk rock dangerous and insightful. – By Daniel Chavez

Crossburner – Crossburner

A real massive mix of blackened hardcore punk, which is ANGRY AS HELL! – By Daniel Chavez

Dråpsnatt – Hymner till undergången

Dråpsnatt’s theme is to put out straight forward atmospheric black metal and they have succeed in this album. No track is boring, just really awesome black metal. – By Daniel Chavez

Abbey ov Thelema – Liber DCLXVI

Liber DCLXVI is not for the average black metal listener. – By Daniel Chavez

Live: Austin Psych Fest Review, Carsons Creek Ranch, Austin. 2nd-4th May, 2014.

“This year, the line up was entirely awesome. As I was reviewing the festival, I was able to obtain a little more access to the awesomeness.” – Daniel Chavez

Agalloch – The Serpent & The Sphere

This album is so well produced, well executed, and just overall mesmerizing. The Serpent & The Sphere is a masterpiece and well worth the wait. – By Daniel Chavez

Velnias – Sovereign Nocturnal

Something you can turn on and just let it play. Something easy on the ears and heavy! – By Daniel Chavez

Paramnesia – Paramnesia

If you are a fan of atmospheric black metal I highly recommend you pick up this album. You wont be disappointed. – By Daniel Chavez

Moloch – Verwüstung

Put on your corpse paint, light the candelabra, and crank it up. You are going to scare the neighbors and likely see Satan himself. This album rules, hard. – By Daniel Chavez

Thou Shell of Death – Sepulchral Silence

Most fans of the sub genre of atmospheric black metal will enjoy Sepulchral Silence. – By Daniel Chavez

(((O))) Festival Preview: Austin Psych Fest

While as I type this the 2014 line-up isn’t final, it already contains bands like Barn Owl, Graveyard, Mono, Liars, The Black Lips, Acid Mothers Temple, Earthless, White Hills, Kadavar…just way too many mind blowing acts. All in three days deep in the heart of Texas! I really am excited for this year and I am sure after this Austin Psych Fest, I will be even more amped for next year. By Daniel Chavez

Godhunter – City Of Dust

The perfect album to drink a beer or your favorite rot gut whiskey and start some angst ridden change. – By Daniel Chavez

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