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I live in Austin, Texas. Like cats, food, bike rides, and the most trv kvlt black metal.

Articles by Dan Chavez

Interview: Vardan

Daniel Chavez asked Italian one man depressive suicidal black metal band Vardan some questions about the new album The Woods Is My Coffin and more.

Vardan – The Woods Is My Coffin

The Woods Is My Coffin is a great album, one that I would recommend to anyone that is into black metal and wants to get into more exploring of the sub-genre DSBM. – By Daniel Chavez

Heimar – Atavism

Heimar’s Atavism is an album that any fan of black metal will truly enjoy. – By Daniel Chavez

Preludium – Redemption

This album is a storm of pain and plague, which ebbs and flows death. – By Daniel Chavez

Hexis – Abalam

Abalam an album that takes you on a journey, makes you feel what the emotion of the song, and leaves you with a single focused thought. – By Daniel Chavez

Wolves In The Throne Room – BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini

Spellbinding, ritualistic, and moving. Captures the essence of Wolves In The Throne Room. – By Daniel Chavez

Mothman – Proboscis

Mothman mixes smart poetic lyrics, complex guitar riffs, and breakdowns that really bring forth emotion, memories, and rage, – By Daniel Chavez

I Shalt Become – Louisiana Voodoo

Dark, atmospheric death; a soundtrack to accompany the winds of famine and plague. – By Daniel Chavez

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