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NO OMEGA – Culture

In a nutshell: Although the member changes, this is clearly a new and very strong NO OMEGA album which I recommend to all hardcore, screamo, punk, crust lovers. It even has a post-metal influence, but like I said earlier, this is a band that is hard to label. Well done guys. Looking forward to future gigs and works.

Creshna – The Fallout

To sum up: the album melts Post-Rock and Post-Metal together in a very catchy way and I sure hope for a vinyl release some day. Good work guys and I am looking forward to future releases.

Bart Desmet from BARST

Dave Mace caught up with Bart Desmet from Belgium’s BARST to talk about how their album ‘The Western Lands’ came together, influences such as Sonic Youth and more.

Sanford Parker

When Mirrors For Psychic Warfare played in Antwerp recently our writer Dave Mace caught up with Sanford Parker to talk about making music, playing live, touring and much more.

BARST – The Western Lands

This album is a masterpiece of art that speaks to and through the heart and receives a lot of love from my side.

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